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Make yourself anonymous while browsing online. We know that personal privacy is important to every internet user and want you to trust us with data security. Make your browsing session safer with encrypted URLs - making the computer page view history harder to decipher. Hotlinking is turned off within our proxy server software and it is harder to direct link to previously visited sites. Proxy Browser is using a IP address which is uniquely assigned to this anonymity tool. We run a regularly updatd, optimized and powerful proxy server to ensure our guests receive the fastest service.

Why Browse With Us?

There are many reasons for using a service like Proxy Browser. In the modern developing internet the expectations of privacy are altered by governments, companies and abusive individuals. It is increasingly easy to monitor, manipulate and trace all the websites you've ever visited. Certain software can actively censor or retroactively log all web activities. Adding a proxy server, along with VPN, http proxies and similar services can greatly enhance your protection from this snooping.

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